Natural Scene
Grade Four students amused their friends and teachers with their creative presentations about describing a natural scene of their choice.

Problem/Solution Presentation
Grade three students talked about their own problems and suggested different ways to solve them.

Mothers' Day
It is spring time. It is the month of love. It is Mother’s Day. This is how grades three and four students expressed their love to their mothers.

Graade Five Activity
Grade five C students created weird creatures and described them during oral fluency classes.

"Let the Boy Speak" Sketch
We are good actors and actresses!! “Let The Boy Speak” is a funny sketch that was performed by grade five students in a comic way. All students and teachers laughed from the bottom of their hearts.

Grade Five English Activity
We are grade five students, we are creative, and we are great presenters. Students and teachers were fascinated by the creatures created and presented during oral fluency classes.

Mothers' Day Activity
On mothers’ day, Grade two students designed artistic flowers and wrote wonderful messages describing their love to their precious moms.

Mothers' Day Celebration at Preschool
Preschoolers celebrated Mothers' Day with their mothers on Friday, March 18, 2016. They sang songs related to the occasion on stage to their moms. Then the children joined their mothers to watch a play performed by their teachers. Finally, all mothers received a hand-made gift prepared by their children. Happy Mothers' Day!

100th Day Celebration
Celebrating the 100th Day is becoming a tradition in the math department in the elementary school. On February 26, 2016, Grades 1-5 celebrated the “100th Day”. On March 1, 2016, Grade 6 celebrated the “100th Day”. Teachers prepared for this special day various math activities related to the number 100, crafts and sports. 1st graders modeled the number 100 with their bodies in the playground. Students and teachers looked awesome wearing their decorative T-shirts, cravats, caps and eyeglasses. T

Pets' Day at Preschool
Preschoolers celebrated "Pets' Day" by the end of the theme on animals. They brought their pets like birds, turtles, fish, cats, rabbits and hamsters to school and displayed them in the playground. Each level was escorted by their teacher to watch the different pets. The kids also colored and decorated animal masks of their favorite animal during art periods with their art teacher.