Alton Reynolds Tournament Resutls
HHS2 Junior Varsity Boys` team won the First Rank Trophy along the International College Alton Reynolds Football Tournament that took place from the date of 7 March till the date of 13 March 2016. Their final game was played on Sunday 13 March 2016 at 2 pm after performing several previous games on other days.

English Activities during Term Two
In term two, grade one students were involved in varied activities to enhance their oral ,writing and social communication skills.Students worked in different stations to identify singular and plural nouns.They made a sandwich using the sequencing words.They also worked in pairs to present short skits.Moreover,they worked in small team to describe different items, using adjectives.

Classroom Activities for KGIII
KGIII students prepared jaguar puppets for the letter J. They also made angry bird masks for the birds theme.

Grade 2 outing-Fun Zone
Grade 2 students visited Fun Zone-Antelias on Thursday, February 25, 2016. They had a great time with their teachers in the b big play area.

Grade 3 outing-Kidz Mondo
Grade 3 visited Kidz Mondo on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. They enjoyed their time there with their teachers.

Starting our School Garden-Grade 10 Biology Activity
This year, grade 10 biology teachers suggested benefitting from a piece of land in school and turning it into a school garden. HHSII administration encouraged teachers and students to work on this project.

Sports Tournament
The HHS2 Girls` Team of age group 1998-1999, after participating along the Lebanese Schools Sportive Tournament, won the second rank among all of Beirut`s participating schools. They received the Trophy and proudly shared their beautiful achievement with the HHS2 principle Mrs. Baasiri in the presence of the Football coach Rabih Idriss.

SKILD Center Lecture
In collaboration with SKILD Center, HHS II organized a meeting for parents of preschool and cycle I children with Mrs. Christian Chiha, Clinical Psychologist, on Friday, February 12. The parents were invited to attend the lecture entitled “Managing Children’s Behavior”. Mrs. Chiha stressed the importance of encouraging the children to express their feelings, and she presented several tips to help the parents in managing their children’s behavior positively.

Mlawan Campaign
The Mlawan Campaign organized an activity day for the children in Preschool on Monday, February 22. The children watched an interactive clown/ acrobatic show. Then, they were engaged in various activities to learn about the benefits of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. After that, they all participated in preparing the yummy salad and enjoyed eating it. This was done under close and direct adult supervision to ensure that hygiene and safety rules were highly considered. To conclude the

Grade 1 Outing- "Parcours Des Saveurs" Farm
Parcours Des Saveurs Grade one outing on Tuesday, February, 16th, 2016 was so fruitful educationally and basically in science. Students were engaged in a variety of activities that are related to both plants and animal, such as seed planting, goat milking and sheep shearing. They also ate “mancousha” prepared organically. They shared their learned information about different types of bird beaks and related the shapes of beaks to the types of food these birds eat.