All children are active, curious, and creative!
At Hariri High School II Preschool our goal is to nurture early learners through setting solid foundations that would shape their lifelong dispositions towards learning.
Guided by this belief and by our understanding of how children develop and learn, the preschool division at HHS II is committed to delivering quality education. It is the type of education that goes beyond the traditional academics and textbooks to build knowledge and develop skills of children across the different learning areas. With a skill-based curriculum that uses themes to achieve an integrated approach, the developmental domains and content areas such as Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Values Education are connected, using meaningful child-centered activities.  
Through working on the project entitled “Raising the Whole Child” the preschool division at HHS II has been collaborating with a group of researches and trainers from TAMAM Project at The American University of Beirut. Such collaboration is resulting in the engagement of our faculty members in constant professional development to reflect on and enhance their teaching practices. As a result of this, our educators are able to plan and properly implement the project according to professional standards while staying up-to-date with the latest in the field of education.
We, at HHS II Preschool, believe in investing in the capabilities of our youngsters. Thus, we relentlessly work, in partnership with the parents, to empower our children as we take their hands and help each one write a promising story of success!!