Preschool Outing
Preschool children visited Samer Abou Rizk's theater to watch "Luna and the Hat" play on Thursday, February 18, 2016. They enjoyed watching the show with their teachers and supervisors.

Memorial of Prime Minister Rafic Al-Hariri
On Sunday, February 14th, Lebanon marks the memorial of former Prime Minister Rafic Al- Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005. Therefore, elementary students watched an English and Arabic documentary about the prime minister’s life and achievements. Teachers responded to students’ questions and explained what the reporter meant by the following description of the Prime Minister Rafic Hariri as: “A man of vision and exceptional initiatives”.

KGI Students Lebanese Breakfast
KGI students enjoyed an outdoor Lebanese breakfast together with their teachers and supervisor to celebrate the end of the theme on healthy and unhealthy food.

Science Activity- Insects: The Great Survivors Presentation - Grade One
Science Activity- Insects: The Great Survivors Presentation - Grade One

Science Activity - Exploring Parts of Plants- Grade One
Science Activity - Exploring Parts of Plants- Grade One

Tala Khalifeh
We are proud to announce that Tala Khalife , a grade 9 student, won the first prize in the OXFORD BOOKWORMS READING COMPETITION 2015. Tala was awarded a trip to London.

Molecules and Compounds- Grade 7 & 8 Chemistry Activity
Grade 7 and grade 10 students have been studying about molecules and compounds in chemistry. They were given the opportunity to work in pairs to construct models of some molecular compounds assigned by their chemistry teachers: G7 students had to construct models for relatively small compounds, whereas G10 students had to construct models for large and more sophisticated compounds. They had to surf the web to find the necessary information needed to build their molecules. The models first revea

Science Activity for Grade 6
Creating their own lesson Plans Students work harder when teachers give them a role such as to create their own lesson plans, and get engaged in learning opportunities. G6 students explored teaching and learning in a new and remixed way. They played the role of their science teachers, and explained to their classmates the consequences of brain and spinal cord injuries on different body parts. They also explained the health effects of drugs including alcohol on the nervous system and other bod

Preschool Children Visit to the Circus
Preschool children enjoyed watching the Hollywood Circus show on Thursday, January 21, 2016. They had a wonderful time watching the acrobats' show in addition to the clowns', dogs' and finally the tigers' shows together with their teachers and supervisors.

Workhop for Elementary English Teachers
On Friday, January 16th, 2016, Ms. Rana Shami Shkeir, the English coordinator in the Elementary School, conducted a workshop to the English language teachers entitled: “Read, Write, Talk”. Ms. Shkeir introduced new strategies and discussed with the teachers the possibility of implementing them in class.