English Activity
On Friday December 11th, students were indulged in different activities to identify the importance of community helpers in our society. First, students were escorted to the theater to sing and watch a short movie about the community helpers and their occupation. Then, they greeted and welcomed the community helpers: actor, dietitian, engineer, doctor, and sukleen director. The community helpers introduced themselves and described their jobs in brief. Students interacted enthusiastically with the

Grade 2 Outing
Grade two students visited the Circus World International Show on Thursday, December 10th, 2015. They had a lot of fun watching acrobats and clowns perform various tricks and skills.

Grade 5 Outing
Grade five students spent a whole day at the Science Village on Thursday, November, 19th, 2015. They performed science activities and experienced a wide range of experiments.

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SCience Activity for Grade 4
Grade four students worked as science teacher assistants at Hariri High School II. They were asked to teach their classmates about plant and animal cells’ organelles by relating these organelles to different school members or parts, and construct a 3D model of one plant or animal cell organelle of their choices. Each student, or teacher assistant, presented a table about "the cell organelles and my school" and the model to his/her classmates.

New Me
How nice it is to watch students enjoying an activity you planned for them. 5th graders showed hidden talents, expressed their feelings, reflected their understanding of character traits, and taught each other a moral through an oral fluency presentation they worked on in pairs.

Everyone has a talent. Talent is like a flower you have to cultivate it if you want something beautiful. During the English period, grade four students enjoyed their time presenting their talents in front of each other. Some were talented in singing and dancing while others were talented in playing guitar or playing football…

A Visit to the International Bookfair- Biel
Elementary students visited the International Book Fair at Biel where they carried out several reading activities with “Dar Asala” and “Dar Al-Saqui” Publishers. They also had the chance to make a tour and buys books and stories from different publishing companies.

Physics Activity for Grade 8
Forces to Know An activity was assigned to grade 8 students to identify the types of forces: Magnetic force, electrostatic force, weight, normal reaction force, tension of a string or spring, friction force and muscular force. They conducted experiments, performed a play or presentation. At the end of this project, the students were able to name the different types of forces and draw their vectors.

English Activity
As a post reading activity for Leonardo’s Horse, Grade five students enjoyed doing various artistic activities in addition to presenting about popular Lebanese artists. They decorated and painted clay pots then designed jerseys with hash tags related to citizenship.

Grade 5 Visit to Iplay
Grade five students visited Iplay on Thursday, December 10, 2015. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed the various activities.