Varsity Teams
Among the HHS2 afternoon extracurricular activities is Football. Where Girls` and Boys` Varsity and Junior Varsity teams practice, improving their Football skills. These teams not only explore their physical interests and powers in football but also they get in touch with like-minded people as themselves from different classes. One of the main goals assigned by the training coaches is: Boosting the Team`s Spirit; since the coach believes that the strongest and most united teams rise to the h

Library Activity
During library periods, Grade 4 and 5 students ( Selena Shbaro, Shahd Bakkar, Taha Hamandi, Ahmad Shafii, Judy Abdalla, and Mohammad El Ghour) presented effective, well organized reports on the checked out story ,using power point .

Vocabulary Acivity
To reinforce students’ understanding of unfamiliar vocabulary words, Grade 7 students designed vocabulary umbrellas and presented their work in class. The umbrellas included besides the vocabulary words, their definition, synonyms, antonyms, part of speech, derivatives, example sentences and possible illustrations.

English Activity-Citizenship
Elementary students donated the money they raised from a “Cinema Day” activity at school to children with heart problems. Representatives from every grade level visited the center and met the responsible doctor there. The doctor explained the problems behind heart failures then answered all students’ questions.

Oral Fluency Activity for Grade 7
During Term I, Grade 7 students wrote different stories about courage. Then, they presented their stories to their friends in a creative way. Some prepared a puppet show while others conducted interviews with the author or story characters. Some also acted out scenes from their stories.

Oral Fluency for Grade 8
During Term I, grade 8 students designed and acted out advertisements as part of the oral fluency activities.

Mental Math Contest
During Term 1 of the academic year 2015-2016, fourth graders practiced several mental math techniques to participate in a competition. For each section, a competition had been done in five consecutive days in which each student wrote the answers quickly on a sheet of paper. The winners, of high scores, received certificates, yummy muffins and gifts. Congratulations!!!

Activity for KGIII
The children in KGIII were engaged in different activities to identify and use their five senses. One of their favorite activities was preparing popcorn. Children had the chance to observe the corn kernels, feel their texture, hear their popping sound, smell and taste the popcorn. Bon appétit!!!

Math Treasure Hunt
On Monday November 30, 2015, grade 6 participated in an outdoors treasure hunt activity in the playground. Each class was divided into 4 groups of 5. Each team selected shirts of different colors and solved math riddles. The winner team got Lebanon bracelets and certificates. All students had fun and enjoyed sharing muffins and juice.

Grade 1 Visit to Dicovery Planet
Grade 1 students visited the Discovery Planet on Thursday, December 3, 2015. They enjoyed the different activities and had a wonderful time.