What’s unique about HHSII

Hariri High School II (HHSII) offers at the preschool and the elementary cycles two counseling and special education programs for the child/student with special needs. Such children/students are not cognitively or physically disabled. They only have learning disabilities.

  1. Special Education Program:
    A consultant in educational psychology overseas this program through coordinating with the school counselor and a team of special education teachers to help the child/student improve his/her academic performance in the main subjects only. Upon the approval of parents, the child/student joins an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The school counselor and a team of special education teachers develop a specific IEP by modifying the original curriculum. In this respect, the special education teacher works on a one-on-one basis with the child/student once in the classroom and once again pulls him/her out of the classroom to re-teach and reinforce some of the unachieved objectives in regular classroom settings.
    These students are exempted from taking French, geography, history and civics to lessen their study load. Furthermore, the tests and quizzes in the main subjects are modified in a way to enable the student to pass with an average of 10/20 instead of 11/20.
  2. Guidance and Counseling Program:
    In coordination with parents, the consultant, the school counselor and regular classroom teachers all work together to correct the child’s/student’s undesirable behaviors  that might hinder his/her academic performance. More specifically, the school counselor offers tips and advice to parents and teachers to rectify such behaviors that might become cognitive or socio-emotional problems later.

On the other hand, HHSII adopted, at the preschool and elementary cycles, a character education curriculum whereby an hour per week is allotted to it. Such curriculum focuses on teaching the child/student how to respect:

  1. rules and regulations
  2. human rights
  3. private and public properties
  4. personal and public hygiene




By doing so, we at HHSII can hopefully achieve our vision in educating and raising the child/student holistically.