Snow Trip to Kfardebian

In collaboration with Adventure Calls Est, the office for Extracurricular Activities at HHS II organized a trip to Kfardebian on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 for ninth graders. Departing at 7:30 am from school under the supervision of Ms. Hanadi Succar, Ms. Farah Hammoud, and Ms. Dalal Batrawi, school buses headed to Warde Station in Kfardebian. 
Renting sledges, having snow fights, or just lying down on the snow, ninth graders enjoyed the sun rays on this beautiful warm Saturday. Accompanied by Mr. Wassim Al-Masri, manager of Adventure Calls, the buses headed to Smash Mount Club in Harajel where the students enjoyed several indoor and outdoor sports activities like ping-pong, football, and basketball in addition to having open "buffet" as lunch.
Grade nine students, all the best for your term exams. Hope this trip gives you positive vibes to be well prepared for your upcoming tests.