LWIS-CIS 2nd Annual Inter-school Competition 2018

LWIS CIS 2nd Annual Inter-School Competition 2018 is another prestigious event where HHS II students participated in creative writing competitions conducted in English, Arabic, and French, as well as a challenging competition over a wide variety of topics pertaining to Sciences, Social Studies, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.
An impartial panel of judges from a plethora of fields attended this competition to judge and choose winners.
Yara Halawi (Grade 12), Mohammad Bohsali (Grade 12), Nader Zantout (Grade 11), Ali Hijjawi (Grade 11), and Hadi Khalaf (Grade 10) were the participants in “Meet the Challenge” General Knowledge Competition. 
Sarah Abu Zeid (Grade 12), Ahmad Mneimneh (Grade 11), and Mohannad Akoum (Grade 10) participated in English Creative Writing Competition. 
Nihal Soubra (Grade 11), Yehya Wehbeh (Grade 11), and Lynn Sammoury (Grade 10) participated in the Arabic Creative Writing Competition. 
Despite of French being taught as their second language, Jad Halawi (Grade 12), Nadia Manasfi (Grade 11), and Tarek Halwani (Grade 11) competed with French educated students from other schools and sat for French Creative Writing competition. 
“Meet the Challenge” Team won the second place award.
Nihal Soubra won third place award in Arabic Creative Writing.
Guest students from grade 11 exposed their talents as a sketch: “Peace not War” created and trained by Secondary School English Teacher Ms. Nisrine Awarke. Nariman Rifai (Grade 12) performed with her angelic voice the song “Titanium”. 
Congratulations HHS II.