A Visit to Baaklin Library - Grade 4 Educational Outing

A Visit to “Baaklin” Library at “Chouf”
An Educational Outing for fourth Graders was requested by Elementary School English Coordinator Ms. Rana Shami Shukeir. During their visit to the library, students had the opportunity to know more about:
-the different sections of a public library and compare it with the school library
-the way the books are stacked on shelves, according to language, age, and genres
-the work done by librarians 
-the importance of reading books
At the end of the tour guided by Mrs. May Al-Okaily, students carried out an Art & Crafts activity and took it as a souvenir with them back to school.
Students were accompanied by Ms. Iman Sidani, Ms. Rima Houssami, and Ms. Diala Jamal.
It was such a rich day to be spent at a Public Library.