No words could describe the meaning and importance of friendship in students’ lives. During character education classes, cycle one students participated in many group and pair activities in order to strengthen the meaning of friendship among each other. They:
  1. colored pictures of characters doing different activities
  2. wrote notes to one another , stating why they are so special
  3.  created magical friendship potions
  4.  Designed and decorated heart-shaped cardboards on which they wrote  about the importance of friendship in their lives
  5.  used yarn and straws to make friendship bracelets that represent collaboration and bonding
  6.  generated their own friendship recipes
  7. made their own friendship fruit salad that reflects the uniqueness and importance of each and everyone in the group
  8. colored pictures of girls and boys holding hands to emphasize the following morals: one for all and all for one, a friend in need is a friend indeed, what goes around comes around, hand in hand for a better friendship.