MSA Accreditation Webinar at HHS II & Visit Date

HHS II 1st Accreditation Webinar 
Countdown to the MSA Accreditation visit started at Hariri High School II. On Thursday, April 29th,2021, the internal coordinators of the PlanningTeam hosted and conducted the very first Accreditation webinar, today, to reflect about their preparations for the MSA team visit and to update HHS II community about HHS II’s status through the MSA journey. 
Faculty, staff, and teachers are on the go to finalize their preparations made to host the MSA visit virtually on May 24th till May 26th, 2021.
Opening with school principal Mrs. Nada Sabeh Ayoun Akoum reflected the positivity, appreciation, and high spirit of HHS II faculty and their indefeasible will to achieve such a prestigious certificate. 
An overview of Professional Development Action Plan with Dr. Zeina Zein followed the opening words. Math Action plan with Dr. Mohammad Menhem was displayed with all its specific details. Last but not least, Mrs. Dima Sinno presented a rich overview of the Science Action Plan that holds very high hopes for real development.