Middle & Secondary School

The Middle School is a three-year cycle covering Grades 7, 8 and 9. Students’ age ranges from 12 to 14. The middle school offers the Lebanese program, which prepares students for the official Lebanese Brevet Examination. The medium of instruction is English. The following subjects are taught: English, Arabic, French, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, civics, computer education, physical education, arts (grades 7 &8) and religion (grades 7, 8 &9). Math, biology, physics and chemistry are taught in English , Civics, history and geography, arts, physical education and religion are taught in Arabic, and French is taught as a third language.
The Secondary School is a three-year cycle covering Grades 10 to 12. It includes 145 students aged 15 to 17. The Lebanese Baccalaureate Program, which follows a curriculum set by the Lebanese Ministry of Education is offered. It is available to all students in English for main subjects including math, physics, chemistry, and biology. History, geography, civics, sociology and economics are taught in Arabic, in addition to philosophy (Grades 11&12). French is taught as a third language in Grades 10 and 11, in addition to SAT and computer education. At the end of the first year (Grade 10), students are placed in either the Sociology & Economics section or the scientific section, depending on their grades. At the end of the second year (Grade 11), students are placed in Sociology & Economics or scientific sections (General Sciences or Life Sciences), depending on their grades and teachers’ recommendations.
The Computer Lab accommodates 16 students working on individual, networked terminals. All Students (Middle and Secondary) receive instruction on how to research on the internet through the School’s access to the World Wide Web. Other computers are also available to students in the School Library. In addition, fully equipped chemistry and physics labs are available for students’ use.
The middle and secondary school programs are challenging, integrative and exploratory, with varied teaching and learning approaches.  Students are equipped with a foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to thrive at university and, later, in their future careers.
The programs are designed in a way that enables students to develop their skills and get involved in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities including, sports, competitions, and clubs. Such activities support intellectual excellence, upright character, emotional maturity, team spirit, co-operation, participation, and sportsmanship.